Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hi! I'm trying to figure this blog thing out - without teen tutoring. but i think we have left this out of date for too long - most of the people who have this address probably won't even be checking it since we never update. anyway - we are still here in Brigham and have many worthwhile things to post but i can't do it all at once.
We have had fun with the upcoming prom. Ashley got asked last night and had her friends help her answer tonight. this involved crazy hair do's and jumping out of a box. while her friends were preparing the 'answer' stuff our doorbell rang. it was for one of Ash's friends - a boy came to seranade her and ask her to prom [i'm not sure how he learned she was at our house.] number one son and i were in the front room and heard it all. we laughed so hard at the crazy song and the whole situation [the girl had a pony tail on top of her head]. but he still asked and she said yes - and doesn't have to come up with an insane way to answer him. now we get to shop for dresses - which is so much more fun than buying one. guess we'll have to do both.
i have been tagged by my friend Ronda and need to tell 25 random facts about me- this will have to wait for another night or for when i can remember 25 random facts, whichever comes first. i guess the first one should be i don't capitalize when i type. i'm used to word fixing this for me and i've gotten out of the habit. so there's one!
i would add an image but i haven't learned how :)
TTFN [my generation came up with that way before texting]

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here are some pictures from our trip to the uintahs! We had a great time hiking and fishing it was so beautiful! :)

Friday, June 6, 2008


Awe California :D Once again we attempted to have a peaceful, fun, family vacation. Minus the peaceful part we had a really fun vacaction despite our tiny hotel room that tested our love for eachother when our dad got a "great deal" on a nice little hotel room. We landed in California right in time for church. (woot woot..) while we weren't estatic to go straight from a plane to church we went and were somewhat fascinated by the members. In the area we were in there a were many tongan members and one of the wards was even made up of all tongans. We went to a...normal ward haha and were able to listen to their testimony meeting. There were a few tongan members and one women got up to bare her testimony and the first thing she said when she got up there was: "Aloha!" The congregation shouted back: "Aloha!" It was funny.

Anyway, as for the trip itself we were able to tour hollywood, take a tour of nbc studios (booring) and McKell, Scott, and Ashley went to the Jay Leno show. We also saw a dodgers game (go dodgers!!)...um..went to an amuseument park..the beach..and an aquarium. But I think our whole family would agree the best part of the trip was when we saw the broadway play: "Wicked" It was aMaZiNg! Ty actually won the "wicked lottery" and was given two, front row seats for only $25 each. These seats were worth $200!

Overall we had a great trip but are just glad to be home and are looking forward to the rest of our summer.

Writen by mCkElL :D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tys last year of Tavaci

This was Ty's last year of tavaci he got a 8 year trophy and was very excited about it, we all thought that it was going to be the last concert our family went to because parker quit last year but at the end parker leaned over to Becki and said he wants to do it again next year :]

Parker playing soccer!

Here are a couple of pictures of parkers latest soccer game he has being doing great! His team won 9-0 and parker scored a goal!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Break in St.George!

Over spring we had the chance to go to St.George and celebrate Easter, climb red rocks and soak up the sun. The highlight was going to golden corral and watching the boys eyes pop with all the choices. Grandma and Grandpa Clayson joined us; Ashley and Mckell did not :( it broke there moms heart epecially when they didnt miss thier parents, but they had a good time with the house to themselves.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our New Blog!

This is the start of our new blog!
Our family hasn't been up to much lately, yesterday Becki and Ashley got to go to the conference center and see the young women broadcast it was really good! on Thursday Parker had a Cub scout of the year banquet and is now in the district cub of the year honor guard. Scott cut down the trees in the back yard and has finally cleared out the branches.